I do believe your galaxy

One light is ambition
Some light is rebellion
People’s lights, All are precious
This dark night, don’t be lonely
Like stars, We shine
Don’t disappear
‘Cause you’re a big existence

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Few words I found while scrolling through newspaper

Few Minutes Of Calmness ~GYALWANG DRUKPA Calmness, even for a few minutes, gives you the chance to appreciate life. It reveals life so that you can really see it. Right now we bury appreciation under the weight of all our busy thoughts….. ‘Let distractions melt away like clouds disappearing in the sky,’ says Milarepa. The…

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WII9A: Today was so fun!

Note: This post is written on 13/4/22 Kem cho, majama? Hum ekdam majama 😉 … Lol- Anyways, hello people of this world (wait, what if there’s an alien reading 👽 *says hello in alien language* also- how do Ik alien language? wait- dont tell me I’m an- ALIEN!? wut the-) Moving on, do you know…

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